Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pickles and the Cellphone

Last weekend we were at Sam's Club doing our mid-month shopping when a row of cell phones caught Pickles' eye. All aglow he steered me to the kiosk to look at them. I've been needing a new phone for quite a while now, so I was interested.

Saleslady: "We're having a sale on our smartphones, they're free with a two year contract!"
Mommy:" Swwwweeet."
Pickles: *drool*

So I looked over all the smartphones and I chose a cute little red BlackBerry Pearl. The saleslady then asked Pickles if he had a phone, (he didn't) and then she asked me if I wanted him to have a free smartphone.

So I looked at Pickles and then I looked at the phones. Then I looked at Pickles again....then I looked at the phones again. This went on for a few minutes. Pickles was trying to look as sad and pathetic as a 13 year old boy could possibly look.

But see...I know my son. He has no sense of responsibility. He doesn't take care of things. But.....he is a good boy. He is respectful and kind. Helpful and polite.

So after reviewing the House Rules Regarding Teens and Cellphones with him.....

I bought him a phone.

Jump to today....
Today I was on my way home from work (almost to the house) when guess who runs down the street to meet me ??

Pickles:"Hey, mommy how was your day today ??"
Mommy:" Great, as always."
Pickles: " Probably didn't have a busy day today...right?"
Mommy (Suspiciously): "Well, I did have a class this afternoon, so no I wasn't that busy."
Pickles:" Hey, we had an incident at school today."
Mommy (even more suspiciously):"Oh...?"
Pickles:" Yeah, somebody broke into my locker and ...."

For the past three years Pickles' lockers have been broken into EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. MULTIPLE. TIMES.
Why would you put the phone in a locker ?? You might as well drop the phone in the middle of the cafeteria during lunch time and yell "Free Phone !".

You already know what he's going to say. I know you do.
The phone is history after ONE week. Just ONE Week.

I'm just glad it was free.

He thought he could get NEW phone immediately. Sorry kid, too bad, so sad.
Pickles is out of the phone business, until it's time for an equipment about two years.

We had a long heart-to-heart talk about how sometimes people will covet what you have and will do anything to get it. That's why you don't go around bragging and showing off your nice things. Enjoy the blessings you've been given, without being boastful. Hopefully he learned something.

Thank goodness it was free.

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