Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hear that sound ??

That's the sound of the "poo" hitting the fan.
I've been having a feeling something was going on at my house, while I'm at work. So Monday I pulled a "mom maneuver" I got dressed like I was going to work, left at my regular time, stayed gone for an hour and came back.
I leave at 6. Kids are supposed to be gone at 6:30.
As I approach my house, my dog meets me on the sidewalk.
I opened the front door (which was unlocked) and just stood there for a moment. I could hear water running in the bathroom upstairs.

Pickles heard the dog and peeked his head around the corner and saw me. His jaw HIT the floor.
I asked him what he was doing. he started stammering and stuttering about how he was waiting for his friend to bring him some jeans and how he really was going to school.
I told him I really wasn't in the mood for excuses and it would be best if he finished getting dressed and go on to school. He tossed on some shoes and basketball shorts and left.

After he left I went upstairs to change out of my uniform. I unlocked my bedroom door and lo and behold, the boy had jimmied the lock, and made himself at home on my computer (the only computer in the house that wasn't password protected). He had even been enjoying a bowl of cereal when I interrupted him.

Needless to say, he did not go to school. I think he hung out at the library all day. (or at someones house) I did not go look for him.
He sent me a facebook message around noon, talking about how he hated school, how I've been so good to him and that I wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.
We did find him later that day, playing basketball at the park. My brother-in-law went and talked to him and we all returned home.
I had a long talk with him. We're exploring school options for next school year.

This kid is tiring me out.


Mommy to the Monsters said...

so sorry to hear that :( This parenting thing is so hard sometimes.....

Boogie is failing every subject in KINDERGARTEN and him and Destructo will both be in K again next year (sigh) we are exploring schooling options too.....

Kathy said...

Girl, I feel you. I just don't think schools are designed to educate boys. (at least not schools where we live) My son has disliked school from the time I got him at age 8. He had been in 7 schools by 3rd grade.