Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Things You Find in a Boy's Pants

Everytime single time I do the laundry I have to inspect the pockets on my son's pants. I stopped being surprised at the things I find in his pockets a long time ago. It's like he has his own built-in storage facility (or trash collection).
Things I've found so far :
1 battery from a Nintendo DS
Wrappers from every food he consumes during a day
Pencils sharpened down to a 1-inch nub (just can't bear to throw those away, I guess)
Assorted Game Boy games
Markers (which are soooo much fun when they pop open in the washer or dryer)
Gum (another fun find, especially when it melts in the dryer)
A cd
shoelaces (no idea why these would be in his pocket and not in his shoe)
Lip Balm
Bratz Doll shoes (stolen from one of his sisters I'm sure)

There's nothing worse than settling down to relax while doing a load of laundry only to hear "Clank Clank" from the laundry room and knowing that I have indeed forgotten to check his pockets. I never know what I'll find, but it's always interesting.


jen said...

Isn't it funny? All boys are the same!! I have yet to have a boy who does not put things in his pocket. Actually, I have one and he brings things to me. What is that about? .... Hey mom, look what I found! lol

Kathy said...

I hope my son doesn't start bring the stuff to me...although he does have a habit of picking things up off the ground and putting them in his pockets. lol

Linda up north said...

Haha! Too funny :) I am enjoying your blog and this post reminded me of something I found in one of my boy's pockets: Crispy string type things, like short shoelaces. Turned out they were dried worms :)