Sunday, June 15, 2008

Working at the Dog Wash

We had a lovely day today. It started with a quick trip to the pet shop for some pet cleaning supplies. 'Cole and Daisy went with me.
Of course, you know there's no such thing as a quick trip to a pet shop with kids. The girls had to ooooh and ahhhh over every single animal in the place. I'll admit I came really close to buying the most adorable yellow kitten, but decided against it.
We ended up getting some bunny shampoo, doggie shampoo and conditioner, a pet hair clipper set and some dog treats. 'Cole bought a special dog treat for her dog Casey, a cupcake-shaped cookie for dogs.

When we got home the real work began.
Team One was Pickles and 'Cole washing Casey while I held his leash (to prevent escape) Pickles does NOT do well with anything dirty and Casey was one dirty dog. 'Cole just dived right in and soaped him up, rinsed him off and he was done. Team Two, Daisy and Pinky were in charge of brushing and combing. That did not go so well, but it was funny to watch them chase Casey around trying to coax him into getting brushed.

Team One started the real work on Shadow who was a bushy mess. Shadow is part English Springer Spaniel and part Black Labrador Retriever. His undercoat was insane.

By that point Team Two was getting bored and fidgety, so I sent them out front to play. Shadow was not in the mood to cooperate, so I had to get down on the ground and baby him until he relaxed. 'Cole and I gave him a through brushing and cut out a few mats.

'Cole continued working on Shadow while I cooked dinner and he looked pretty darn good by the time I was done cooking.

Everyone ended up pretty doggone tired and I'm soooo glad we won't have to wash these dogs again for a few weeks.

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