Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When You Realize Your Child Is Different

I think yesterday I reached that point....or maybe I already knew and was in denial.

There was a group of 9-11 year old girls playing with Daisy and Pinky yesterday. The visiting girls were chatting and playing cards. They were talking about little girl things like Hannah Montana and jumping rope. Pinky was able to follow the conversation pretty good and was laughing and talking appropriately.

Daisy kept getting into each girl's personal space and started questioning them like was was a police interrogator. She was asking questions like; "Who buys your shoes for you ?" "Where's your dad at ?" "Do you get everything you want ?" As I watched I could tell the other girls were starting to get uncomfortable, they slowly started backing away from Daisy, who followed and kept getting really close. Finally they made an excuse and left and didn't come back.

Even 'Cole, who was sitting in the house, watching them out the window, noted that it seems like Daisy has the social skills of a Kindergartener.

Daisy is always the one who complains about not having any friends and it was interesting to watch this interaction yesterday.

I sat down with her and talked to her about personal space and about asking people personal questions. I don't think she understands how her actions affect other people.

I guess it made me realize how different Daisy is from other girls her age. She can be funny and delightful, but she can be really intense and in your face. She wants to Definitely something to work on.

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