Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why SOME teens don't need a cellphone

Yes, that is my cell phone bill. Yes, that is Pickles' portion of the bill. For a phone he only had ONE WEEK.

I'm still stunned. (and more than a little bit peeved)

I went over the rules about cellphone ownership with him. He was not to download anything or go online. I did get everyone on the plan unlimited text messaging. His little "girlfriend" was sending him music downloads and ring tones. His excuse was that "he didn't know he was downloading" when he accepted those items.

He is very VERY lucky that I have become a much calmer parent over the years, because seriously.....I wanted to snap his head off.

I only got him the phone because he walks almost two miles to school and for afterschool activities that would cause him to come home late.

The day we brought the phone home Granny warned me and I quote "Don't know why you did that...that boy don't know what to do with a phone."

Turer words have never been spoken.


Cindy said...

Your Granny is a brilliant are blessed.

jen said...

My kids have tracfones and the kids buy their own minutes. If they waste them then that is their problem.

We have a third phone locked in a lockbox for emergencies.

I no longer have a house phone but a topic for another day. lol

Peace said...

Be glad you got the text messages unlimited. It's truly a bill saver. Will he have to "work" off the bill?

Kathy said...

Cindy, you are so right if I had listened to Granny's wisdom I wouldn't have that supersized bill to pay.

Jen- I was all prepared to get him a tracfone or a GoPhone. The phone was free, but the plan wasn't Pickles-proof. I don't know what I was thinking. I should have known better.

Peace- Yes, he is working off his debt, by doing chores around the house for me.