Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little Black Girl

There is a little black girl on my street.
She has big brown eyes and long dark hair,
She lives in a tall white house
With her mother, her father, her sisters and brothers.
She loves school and loves to read.
She knows big words that most 8 year olds don't know.
Her imagination guides her on adventures everyday.
I watch her from my door.
She smiles and waves.
I smile and wave back.
I see many things when I look at her...
I see that she wore the same clothes all week.
I see that she played outside all day and never went in to eat.
I see that her sister's hair hasn't been done all summer.
I see that her mother sleeps till noon,
and her father has a "job" that involves making lots of phone calls
And meeting people outside her house all hours of the day and night.
I see that she has been a wonderful friend to my daughters.
I see how she watches them
I see how she looks at their clothes.
I see her sadness.
I wonder if she knows that she deserves the world
And that she is worthy of being alive
And that there are people who care.
And that she doesn't have to be alone.
Today I gave her clothes.
I listened to her sing.
I watched her play.
I watched her go home when the sky darkened and night came.
I hope she has sweet, happy dreams.

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JustJudy said...

It really only takes one person to make a difference in another persons life. If you only knew how many peoples lives you've touched. I'm talking about the ones that you haven't taken into your home and given life and love. I've also seen this little girl, they way her face lights up when she sees you, I've heard the two of you talking, and I imagine that the few kind words she hears each day are from you. Keep giving her hope. You are truly wonderful and a great example for all.