Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn Updates

Time is moving along rather nicely in our little house. The kids are settling into their back-to-school routines.
High school has really changed 'Cole. She's a totally different person. So outgoing and really enjoying her high school experience. She loves going to the football games and pep rallies. She even went to HOMECOMING !! In a DRESS !! Her grades are still outstanding and she seems pretty motivated and focused.
Pickles has been plowing along. He's decided he's all about fashion and spends almost all the money he gets on clothes. His grades are just ok.
The twins have been acting like a pair of donkeys. Most of their unacceptable behavior has leveled off, but now I'm left with them arguing and bickering with each other everyday. They are doing ok in school but neither one of them is working on a fifth grade level.
I have been back and forth to the dentist for an abscessed tooth. I had a root canal last week and now I finally feel better. I've been doing some stuff to the house trying to get ready for the holidays.
Today I spent the morning holding a beautiful baby boy named Jhourne. He was born just last week. He looked so calm and peaceful sleeping in my arms. Now I'm tired.
Have a great autumn.


Kimmie said...

Hi Kathy;

Glad high school is going well. The pictures are the dress. I am thankful that my teens like *thrifting* for their clothes...what a huge savings;as compared to the mall prices. A new Savers (thrift store) opened in our is huge, so organized and immaculate! Love it. Now if I could only find time to sneak over occasionally ;-)

Sorry about your tooth...we are due for dental visits...trying to put it off as it just hurts when you have no dental.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Kathy said...

My kids are due for their dental visits also. Luckily our dentist is open on Saturdays, so I don't have to take off work to get them in there.

We have a thrift store here in our city called Plato's Closet. It's geared towards teens. Great place, we love it. It's soooo organized and neat. Lots of name brand clothes very very cheap.

I see that you are working on another adoption. Congratulations and sending prayers and good wishes that Princess Sweetness comes home soon. :c)