Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kip's Great Adventure

Last weekend we met Cole's new "boyfriend", "Kip". He came by last Saturday and then came back around on Monday.

Cole, Kip and Pinky walked to a nearby park. Pinky didn't take her coat, so they decided to come back to the house to get it for her. Cole and Pinky came in the house and Kip stood in our front yard messing around with his bike.

Cole was standing in the door waiting for Pinky and watching Kip when she realized that Rowdy was in the house.
Mommy: "Don't let the dog out."
Cole (in her best annoyed teen-girl voice): " I'm not gonna let the dog out."

It was at that exact moment that she opened the storm door and allowed it to shut. But in our lovely home you have to PULL the door shut to get it to latch. She didn't do that. Rowdy, hearing the door open, sprang to his feet and shot out into the front yard.

Rowdy circled Kip twice and proceeded to shall I say this nicely....
ummmm....he proceeded to make happy with Kip's leg.

Rowdy can be a bit intense when he is "making happy" with a leg. He was humping like crazy. Had a good grip. He was really enjoying that leg. Really. enjoying. it.a lot.
Kip was screaming "Help ! Help ! I'm being violated !" and " You're the mom, you're not supposed to laugh."

Yes, I'll admit it. I laughed. I laughed hard. I almost wet myself.

Meanwhile, Cole is now in the front yard posing like Miss America, checking her nails...fixing her hair.
Mommy: Aren't you going to help your boyfriend ?!?"
Cole: " Ewww...I don't want to get dirty."

Pickles is the house watching the scene from the window laughing his head off.
Pinky finally dislodged the dog from Kip's leg and poor, poor Kip made a beeline for the house.

It took us about 5 minutes to round up the dog,(he gets really excited after he's had him some leg) and Kip finally went back outside after we put Rowdy in the house.

I told Cole in passing if he still talks to you after all that, he must really like you a lot.

He's still talking to her.


jen said...

Wow, that is FUNNY! If you are on facebook friend me... jenni beaver

Kathy said...

Sent you a friend request. :c)