Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dogs and Puppies

Last weekend we got a new family member. Her name is Java and she is a 7 week old Labrador/shepherd mix. She's such a cute little critter. Full of puppy energy and sharp puppy teeth. Our 2 year old Pit/Rot mix Rowdy can't stand her. He has been afraid of her since the day she came home.

Yesterday we loaded up Java, Rowdy and two of Java's siblings (who belong to my sister and niece) and went to get everybody their vaccinations. Rowdy has never ridden in a car before. He weighs about 60-70 pounds and he practically sat on my lap the entire ride to the vet. He also drooled uncontrollably. He drooled on my shirt, my arm and most of the front seat of the car. He also drooled out the car window. (sorry to any vehicles behind us or next to us....I'm sure you didn't know you would wander into a Rowdy-powered car wash.)
We finally made it to the clinic and unloaded everybody. They all behaved themselves and got their shots. Then we had to load everybody up and bring the home. By the time I got back I was fur covered and wet from Rowdy drool. A good time was had by all. LOL

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