Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bad Pickles

Pickles is having a rough school year so far. He's a bright child that thinks he can get by on his looks and sense of humor. He goes to school and sits in class. He doesn't do ANY work. He likes to wander the hallways of the school. Not getting in trouble.... just not being where he's supposed to be.

The one thing he used to have going for him is that he's charming and adults usually like him.

When I went to open house a few weeks ago I found out he doesn't even have that anymore.

His social study teacher looked at him with a look I can only describe as malice. He looked like he wanted desperately to wrap his hands around my son's throat.

Pickles has been my son for many years. Seven or eight I think. I have never seen him blatantly act disrespectful towards an adult. He was awful. I couldn't believe THIS was my child. Rolling his eyes, making smart comments under his breath.

I was totally stunned.

He is now grounded. I am in constant contact with the teachers. I wish they would have contacted me before things got sooo bad. His grades are in the toilet. He is in credit recovery so that hopefully he'll get enough credits to graduate. HE doesn't seem the least bit bothered by this. At all.

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