Saturday, December 8, 2007

What do you get for the kid who destroys everything ?

Pickles is a great kid. He is funny, kind-hearted and just an all around great person. I hope he never changes.

But when it comes to toys... He is a one-kid wreaking crew.
He doesn't really own any toys, usually because once he touches them they mysteriously get damaged in some way.
I've tried remote controlled cars, electric guitars, board games, portable game systems (he had a Nintendo DS...once), an electric scooter, action figures... you name it I've bought it. The only thing he owns that hasn't been destroyed (yet) is his Playstation 2 and the games that go with it. I am amazed that it has lasted 4 years.
He's asked for some pretty pricey items for Christmas this year and as much as I'd LOVE to get them for him. I just can't see wasting all that money on things that won't last longer than a week or two.

I'd like to get him something that can hold his interest and won't end in up as a pile of rubble, but my mind is going completely blank. (any ideas ?)
I did buy some clothing for him and a bucket of K'Nex. He's also getting an MP3 player (he wants a Zune...I don't think so).

There must be something out there that is Pickles-proof....


jen said...

I got K'nex for my boys too. Matthew has a gameboy but I don't ever want to see another game system after all the conflict and avoidance of doing homework and chores. Just too dang addicting. Noah's PS2 got stolen at school. Board games are destroyed. I hate remote control cars. Jonah and James love matchbox cars. We love basketball and have a hoop in our parking space on the side of the house.

I just think Christmas is too much about what are we gonna get. Next year will be even more simple than this year.


Kathy said...

We really don't have many issues over video games. The twins have a gameboy, 'Cole has an x-box and a nintendo ds, Pickles has his playstation 2. I don't allow video game or tv during the school week, because of the school/behavior issues it caused.
I've been looking at basketball hoops because I know it would get a lot of use.