Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Meeting

I love family meetings. It puts everybody on the same page. Helps me to map out my expectations and let's the kids have an opportunity to vent and talk. There are only two simple rules. 1. Everyone has a chance to talk. 2.No one can get in trouble for what they say, as long as they say it in a respectful way.
We talked about back-to-school shopping. I explained to them how much money was available (not much), we talked about types of shoes and clothing they would be able to get.
We talked about household issues. Chores and keeping the house clean. We also had to review the house rules, because some folks have selective memory.
It ended up being a really good, hopefully productive meeting.

Next stop....The dreaded back-to-school shopping. *screams*

I hate back to school shopping. I absolutely unequivocally hate it.
The teens do pretty good, I can tell them what their budget is and they normally stick to it. I've taught them to shop sales and clearance. They usually do a pretty good job.

The littles....wellllll.....that is a totally different story. A back-to-school shopping trip usually ends up in anger, pouting and possible tears. They like to go to EVERY store in SEVERAL malls. Because they are looking for "the perfect outfit". They have to look at every shoe in every shoe store. It has never ending up being a fun time. (at least not for me)

I've tried buying some of their clothes and shoes online. The problem with shopping online is you just can't get a good feel for the clothes and you can't tell what it looks like on you.
They've grown so much over the summer, I know they need to try on some stuff.



Anonymous said...

Good luck...the shopping adventure be over soon hopefully...

Kathy said...

Thanks. So far so good...we took care of the school supplies today.