Wednesday, June 6, 2007

101 Fun Summer Activities (Or how to keep Mommy from going insane)Part 1

1. Join the library summer reading club.
2. Have a Barbie Doll Bath Day (In the tub or pool and use the sample sized bottles of shampoo for shiny clean Barbie hair)
3. Pull out the family board games and play
4. Play a computer game and compete against each other. We like Nanny Mania and Zuma.
5. Paint t-shirts (or tie dye them)
6. Go swimming
7. Play in the park (try to go to a new park once a week)
8. Have a picnic in the park.
9. Plant a garden.
10. Plan a meal with foods you've never had before.
11. Visit a Farmer's Market.
12. Pick strawberries from a farm.
13. Visit an amusement park.
14. Go to a museum.
15. Visit a festival.
16. Make homemade ice cream.
17. Have a talent show.
18. Do a craft project.
19. Get a big piece of canvas and some acrylic paint and create a mural.
20. Go stargazing.
21. Take a walk around the neighborhood and try to discover new things.
22. Learn the history of your neighborhood. (The library has some great books on local history)
23. Pull out the water guns and water balloons and have a neighborhood water fight.
24. See a movie.
25. Go to the zoo.
26. Visit a pet shop. (you don't have to buy anything, just look at all the animals)
27. Have a car wash.
28. Visit a museum.
29. Make and Bake a loaf of bread.
30. Do a Factory Tour.
31. Go for a bike ride.
32. Decorate cookies just for fun. (or make a cookie pizza)
33. Learn a new language. (Grab a book/tape from the library)
34. Give the dogs a bath.
35. Clean out the garage.
36. Make a fleece pillow(or blanket)
37. Have an outdoor movie night.
38. Blow bubbles.
39. Play with play dough outside.
40 Finger paint with your feet.
41. Put on a Play together (don't forget to videotape it)
42. Make paper airplanes.
43. Make your own soap.
44. Have a spa day.
45. Go see a baseball game.
46. Go play a baseball game.
47. Make s'mores and tell ghost stories outside.
48. Make a pizza.
49. Learn one new thing without using a computer.
50. Make a teddy bear.

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