Friday, June 8, 2007

Personal Responsibility (Part 1)

Sometimes I just don't understand how my oldest daughter thinks. On Monday she came home and we had this conversation:

'Cole: I can't go on the field trip because I lost two school books."
Mommy: How'd you lose two books?"
'Cole: "I don't know, It was from the beginning of the school year."
Mommy: "So are you going to have to pay for them ?"
'Cole: "Well, I could use my allowance or you could pay for them for me." Mommy: *scratching head* "But I didn't lose any books..."
'Cole: It's not fair to make me pay for books I don't remember."
Mommy: " lost them..."
'Cole: "Can't you just give me the money for them ?"
Mommy: "But... you lost them."
'Cole: "It's not fair, nobody understands."

The money for the books (and her field trip spending money) came out of her allowance fund, she wasn't happy about that, but oh well. I can't ever remember a time that 'Cole has admitted to doing something wrong. She never apologizes. She can be just seems strange/odd, to me. She's the only person I know who can say "I didn't mean for it to happen, but it wasn't my fault." On the other hand, she's an excellent student, she doesn't steal, she doesn't lie, she's a likable, friendly girl. Kids look up to her.

But if nothing is ever your fault, how do you learn from your mistakes ?

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