Friday, June 22, 2007

Whatta ya mean there's no water ??

I went downstairs this morning to do one of my least favorite chores (wash dishes) and to my suprise when I turned the faucet handle nothing came out.

So after calling the water company and making sure it wasn't my fault (they were working on something), I informed Pinky and Daisy that there was no water so they couldn't flush the toilet, then 'Cole and Pickles came in from the library and I told them the water was off.

So for an hour I had to explain that:
1. If you flush the toilet it only has enough water to fill itself one more time.
2. No water in the house water in the house. No, you cannot use the downstairs bathroom, because there's no water there either.
3. No it's not just our house, the neighbors don't have water either.
4. The icemaker can't make ice, if there's no water.
5. No you can't wash your hair, because there. is. no. water.

The quote the day is from Pickles who asked me with a look of total disbelief on his face:
"So you mean if you turn the handle on that faucet no water will come out ?"

Right son, there is no water.

Luckily it's back on now. Just in time too, I was about ready to go screaming down the street.

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