Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Spirit Award

I'd just like to thank my blogfriends Eric and Jen who gave me this very cool award.
Thanks guys.

Things I've Done Today

8:30- Started my day.
9:15 Fixed Breakfast and read newspaper.
10:30 Took movie rentals back to the store.
11:30 Took air conditioner and outdoor toys out to the garage.
12:15 Fixed Lunch
1:00 Went to the Honeybaked Ham Store to pick up ham for Thanksgiving.
2:00 Ran to Family Dollar for Laundry Soap.
3:00 Dusted the ceiling in the kitchen (don't ask)and dusted ceiling fan.
3:45 Started laundry
4:00 Swept living room and upstairs hallway.
5:00 Started Dinner
6:00 Did the dishes.
6:15 Placed clothes on hangers so children could put them away.
7:00 Gave the kids leftover Halloween Candy...because I was too tired to fix a proper snack.
8:00 Supervised bath time. (Basically just me yelling at everyone to quit splashing)
9:00 Redid Blog Template.
9:30 Tucked all children into bed.
10:30 Finished Laundry (Not really...but I'm not doing anything else today.)
11:00 Go to Bed(Hopefully)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Tooth that Refuses to Leave

I finally got my nerve up and went to the dentist. (Mostly because the throbbing of my tooth keeps me awake at night) I almost scared myself silly reading about tooth extractions on the Internet. Then I came across this picture, which completely and utterly freaked me out.

So after two hours in the dentist office and countless x-rays of my entire mouth, my tooth and I are still united.
I don't need a dentist. I need an oral surgeon. I could get it pulled today...if I were willing to go to Pickerington, Ohio. (I don't drive AND I don't know where Pickerington is...but I'm pretty sure it's not on the bus line)
So "Throbby" (my affectionate name for the problem tooth) is still hanging out in my mouth, but not hurting due to a lovely prescription for a painkiller (and an antibiotic)

I think Throbby is trying to ruin my Thanksgiving, by making it impossible for me to eat.