Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pray for Granny

Last Friday I had to call 911 for my mother (AKA Granny) because she was having trouble breathing. The paramedics came in, took one look at her and hauled her off to the hospital.

Today she had a procedure (cardiac catheterization) to send dye up into her heart to see if anything is closed off.

And it was.

Monday she goes in for bypass surgery.

Her kidneys are failing because of her uncontrolled diabetes. The heart surgery may be too much for them to handle and she may end up on dialysis.

She's got a lot of fight left in her.
I just hope it's enough.

Today my heart feels heavy. I almost broke down crying in Wal-Mart this afternoon. Which is completely NOT me.

Everyone's been so kind. "Just let us know what we can do." they say.
Heck,I'm not used to asking for help. I wouldn't even know what to ask for.... besides a miracle or two.

I feel like my best friend is about to go away and never come back.

Friday, October 24, 2008


'Cole to the twins : "There's a booger on my television. You guys are gross."

Neighbor kid to Pinky:" I love UDF ! I love UDF ! It's my most favorite place ever."

Daisy to Pinky: " I wanna kill some. How come you think you get to kill all of them ?" (Discussing flies and/or gnats that have invaded their bedroom. )

Pinky to Daisy: " What did that cough medicine taste like"
Daisy: Like rotten cherries."

Pinky to Rowdy (the dog) : "Come on Rowdy you aren't supposed to be in the kitchen when Mommy's cooking."

'Cole to the Twins: "Ask Mommy if I can have a q-tip if feels like there's little people talking in my ear."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why SOME teens don't need a cellphone

Yes, that is my cell phone bill. Yes, that is Pickles' portion of the bill. For a phone he only had ONE WEEK.

I'm still stunned. (and more than a little bit peeved)

I went over the rules about cellphone ownership with him. He was not to download anything or go online. I did get everyone on the plan unlimited text messaging. His little "girlfriend" was sending him music downloads and ring tones. His excuse was that "he didn't know he was downloading" when he accepted those items.

He is very VERY lucky that I have become a much calmer parent over the years, because seriously.....I wanted to snap his head off.

I only got him the phone because he walks almost two miles to school and for afterschool activities that would cause him to come home late.

The day we brought the phone home Granny warned me and I quote "Don't know why you did that...that boy don't know what to do with a phone."

Turer words have never been spoken.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday

Pinky and Rowdy

Pinky and "S" at playing High School Musical Sing It! at the Slumber Party

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Last Day of Vacation

I wish I could say I'm well-rested. But I'm not. lol
Friday night the twins had a sleepover party for their tenth birthday. Five girls ages 11 to 7. They polished their nails and played Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore and High School Musical Sing It! For the Wii.

I have to say if you don't have these games (and you own a Wii) you are missing out on HOURS of fun. Even the grown-ups who came to get their kids couldn't resist picking up the microphone. Best money I've spent on Wii games so far.

Anyway, I'm still trying to recover from staying up with the girls. Today I visited one of my favorite places (The Home Depot) to look at some flooring for our main bathroom. I went to lunch with my sister and her boyfriend. It was a lovely last day of vacation for me. I'm ready to go back to work.