Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Ode to Natural Consequences

My children don't really have a lot of chores to do. Bedroom cleaning, pet care, trash removal and kitchen clean-up are their biggest chores.

The kitchen clean-up chore is the biggest (and seems to be the most difficult) chore for them to deal with. All I ask is that the dishes are washed, the floor swept and the tables wiped off. That's all.
I informed the kids a while ago (maybe a month or so) that if I came home from work and the kitchen clean-up chores weren't complete I would not be able to cook dinner. Well, they hemmed and hawed about it, not taking it seriously. Darn kids.

See, Pickles and 'Cole get home from school at about 3:15 pm. Daisy and Pinky get home at 4:15. I get home at 4:45. There's PLENTY of time for the chore to be completed. But, no.... they eat their snack, they talk about their day, they do their homework, and they talk about their day some more. No one gives any thought to the nasty kitchen. (Pickles has an issue getting the food in his mouth...but that's a WHOLE other post)

Thursday when I came in from work, the breakfast dishes were still in the sink. I was home late (6:00pm) because I had to pick up a prescription for Granny. I didn't raise a fuss. I didn't yell. I didn't lecture. I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I made sandwiches and gave everyone potato chips and fruit.

I called everyone to wash up for dinner and you should have seen the looks on their faces when they saw dinner. They immediately knew what had happened and tore into each other like a pack of miniature wolves. (Pickles was especially funny because all he kept saying was "I can't believe it. I just can't believe we aren't getting hot food for dinner.")

So I'm happy to say that since that day I have been enjoying an extremely clean kitchen and a sink NOT full of dishes.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

De-Lurking Day

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Top 10 Favorite Shopping Sites

I love online shopping. I love love love it.

I have a special folder of favorite sites that I have shopped at or want to shop at. There is nothing more relaxing (to me) than sitting at my desk, with a cup of hot cocoa and shopping. There's no crowds, no irate customers, no disgruntled's a beautiful thing.

Even though the holiday shopping season is over we might as well get an early start for Christmas 2008.

1. Oriental Trading Co. - Planning a party ? Want some cheap arts and crafts for the kids ? This place has all that. Very affordable. A lot of products to choose from. Shipping can be slow around holidays so order early or pay for expedited shipping.

2. WebClothes- I once got 10 pairs of girl's jeans from this place for about $4 a pair. The clothes are discount store quality, with some nicer brands (Carter's) thrown in. They usually have clearance sales at the end of each season, so there are some great deals to be had.

3. Williams-Sonoma- Everything on this site is droolworthy for people who love to cook. Unfortunately the prices are insane. I have a list of things I'd love to buy from there. The site does have a good recipe section.

4. Wake Up Frankie- What a heck of a way to make a pre-teen/teen age girl happy. Everything on this site is sofreakincute. 'Cole wants the Tag Your Name comforter and sham. It's a bit costly, but very unique.

5. The $15 Clothing Store - Quality stuff. Lots of name brands. Everything $15.

6. Steve Spangler Science- Some of the coolest science stuff I've found online. Teaching tools, videos and more.

7. The Old Schoolhouse- I just bought the Times Tales Deluxe product from this site and I am totally impressed. If your kids need help learning their upper multiplication facts it so easy and Pickles, who doesn't retain math facts easily has been able to memorize

8. Gamewright and MindWare- Kids like toys. Parents like toys that make kids smarter. Gamewright and MindWare sell toys that make kids smarter. Oh yeah, and they have fun stuff, too.

9. Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecakes - Shhhhh....don't tell anybody. This site is a treat for mommy. Sure, mommy is supposed to be dieting, but she can have a treat...can't she ?? Can't She ?!? I swear I put on 10 pounds just looking at the website. I love cheesecake.

10. Carol's Daughter- Haircare products and beauty products. We've tried a few things from this company. I do like their haircare products. We've been using Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner, Mimosa Hair Honey and Rosemary Mint Shampoo. My hair is starting to look healthier and the products smell WONDERFUL.

Honorable Mention- Book By You- I love this product. The stories are wonderful and the kids really enjoy reading the book. the downside is pages started falling out of the book the first week. Thank goodness for super glue. They also do a romance book for mommies.