Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007- Our year in review

Wow, where has the time gone ?
This year seems like it went by so fast.
It has been a year of transitions for our family. Back in January I lost my job of 6.5 years and spent seven months unemployed.

Being unemployed allowed me to spend the summer with my children, something I've never gotten to do before. We didn't have money to take fancy vacations or do much, but we still managed to have fun and enjoy each other's company.

I was truly blessed with a job offer right before school started, it was just in time. I am happy to say I still love my job !

Daisy and Pinky's pet cat Oreo died earlier this year and my dog Asia escaped, never to be seen again.

I've watched my son go from being shorter than me to being taller than me...just in one year. He's also maturing into a delightful young man. I am so proud to be his mother.

'Cole became a teenager this year. I miss that delightful little girl who stole my heart so completely many years ago. I look at her now and see a beautiful young woman blossoming right before my eyes. Every day I ask myself how did she grow up so fast ?

Daisy and Pinky had a rough year, partly because they are growing up and partly because they are questioning who they are. They'll be ten next year...I just can't believe it.

Granny was ill in late summer, but she recovered nicely and is at home being her ornery old self.

We are looking forward to a wonderful new year full of adventure and grown and learning.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Because of a last minute shopping spree (Wal-Mart at midnight) on Christmas Eve Eve, I had to wrap ALL the presents Christmas Eve. I promise that will never happen again. I wrapped from 1 o'clock to 3:30. I was so tired I couldn't even see straight.

The family Christmas party was a BLAST ! There were about 12 kids just bouncing off the walls...but they had so much fun.

We had a lovely Christmas Day ! We discussed the reason why we celebrate Christmas and how blessed we are just to have each other.

The kids got a nice amount of stuff, without me feeling like I went overboard.
Pickles got a few video games, clothes, a movie and a new jacket. Daisy and Pinky got Leapsters with 2 games, Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles (think I'm going to regret that), clothes and two other dolls. 'Cole received jewelry, a few video games and clothes. I got 2 pairs of jeans, some cooking utensils and some porcelain figurines. Granny got a new comforter set, a sheet set and a heated throw.

I'm just happy it's over until next year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Flower with Grass-Is-Always-Greener Disease (Part 1)

Daisy seems to think every child in the world has such a wonderful life...except for her.
Why ?
Because Daisy and Pinky are not allowed to play in their room when I'm not home.
Because of the level of fighting/arguing that goes on between Daisy and Pinky we decided a long time ago that they cannot handle being unsupervised and playing in their room. They seem to do a little better when I'm home, and I can redirect them or put them in time out.
But when I'm gone and Granny is in charge....all heck breaks loose.
Yesterday, Granny called me to report that Daisy was crying and upset ("Everyone likes Pinky better, no one likes me"), because Pinky was breathing on her. Daisy was laying in her bed (bottom bunk) and Pinky was laying on her bed (top bunk) Pinky was asleep, but snoring rather loudly. Daisy felt like Pinky was being loud on purpose.
I had to roll my eyes at the silliness of this typical situation.
When I try to explain to Daisy that that behavior is one of the reasons why they aren't allowed to play in the room together, it seems like she just can't understand. Like it can't possible be HER behavior that is causing the problem. It must be because everyone hates her or as she says "Everybody else gets to play in their room and they don't get in trouble for fighting. I should have my own room"

To which I answer; "Daisy, dear.... you and Pinky fight every single day about something, If I can't trust you to play nicely together, then you have to come out of your room."

Daisy: "Well, why can't we watch tv when we come out of the room."
Mommy: "Because I don't allow tv watching during the school week."
Daisy: " Everybody hates me."
Mommy;" Why do you feel that way Daisy ?"
Daisy: " The cousins don't have to sit in a time out."
Mommy: " You don't really know that, don't live with them."
Daisy: " Is it snowing outside ?"

And just like that the conversation is over. Her mind is in a totally different place and there's no way to reach her.

It seems like a combination of her age (9) and personality. She has always been a negative person. Part of it goes back to her self-esteem issues. In her mind, I don't think she feels lovable.
She certain is my most trying child. It's hard to reason with someone who doesn't know how to be happy.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Friday afternoon I spent an hour getting four wisdom teeth removed, and except for feeling like someone punched me on the side of the face...I feel GREAT !!

But I keep wanting to eat things I know I can't cheeseburgers and french fries.
It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. All I remember is the doctor asked me if I felt anything and the next thing I know he was calling my name and the surgery was over.

It's supposed to snow today, so I had to run to the grocery store for a few things. luckily we made it back home before the snow started.

My Christmas shopping is just about done. I just need to pick up some stocking stuffers and a few clothing items for the big kids.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What do you get for the kid who destroys everything ?

Pickles is a great kid. He is funny, kind-hearted and just an all around great person. I hope he never changes.

But when it comes to toys... He is a one-kid wreaking crew.
He doesn't really own any toys, usually because once he touches them they mysteriously get damaged in some way.
I've tried remote controlled cars, electric guitars, board games, portable game systems (he had a Nintendo DS...once), an electric scooter, action figures... you name it I've bought it. The only thing he owns that hasn't been destroyed (yet) is his Playstation 2 and the games that go with it. I am amazed that it has lasted 4 years.
He's asked for some pretty pricey items for Christmas this year and as much as I'd LOVE to get them for him. I just can't see wasting all that money on things that won't last longer than a week or two.

I'd like to get him something that can hold his interest and won't end in up as a pile of rubble, but my mind is going completely blank. (any ideas ?)
I did buy some clothing for him and a bucket of K'Nex. He's also getting an MP3 player (he wants a Zune...I don't think so).

There must be something out there that is Pickles-proof....