Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling Better

Except for a cough, I feel pretty good. Thanks Kimmie for the home remedy suggestion, I'll remember it next time someone in the house gets sick.

Last night was Parent Teacher Conferences for the little kids. They are doing well. Pinky is experiencing some tween cattiness. The third grade girls have started bickering and gossiping about each other and are disrupting the classroom. There's also a boy who seems to be the cause of a lot of the drama. the teacher asked me what I thought, I suggested some team-building activities (having the girls do a project together that would promote co-operation and teamwork). She said she'd give it some consideration.

Anything has to be better than sending them to detention.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have You Seen My Lung ? (Day Two)

I actually feel better today. My throat still hurts and I probably coughed up my other lung last night, but other than that I feel much better.
I am fever free and I can breathe out both nostrils.

The only thing helping the sore throat is hot tea with lemon and honey.

So I'm just sitting around watching the snow fall and trying to relax and recover.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Have You Seen My Lung ? (Day One)

I'm sick.
Of course, you know mommies are not allowed to be sick. Things have to be done and NO ONE else knows how to do anything.
I feel like someone took a weed whacker to the inside of my throat.
And don't even get me started about the cough. Sometime last night I'm pretty sure I coughed up a lung.
I spent the entire day just laying around. Trying not to do anything.
I did end up having to toss a pot roast in the slow cooker. But I didn't really even want to do that.
'Cole and Pickles braved the cold weather and walked to the store to get some lemons, honey and apple juice for me.
I've been disinfected everything, trying to keep the rest of the family from getting it. So far so good.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who Are These People (And why the heck are they so mean)

Maybe it's because of the weather. Maybe it's cabin fever. I don't know what the deal is, but my house is aflame with angry words, name calling, hitting and almost anything else two (or more) people can do to one another.

Every interaction leads to some sort of sibling fight.

Eating meals is a nightmare.

Pinky, who is grounded has managed to start at least three arguments just within the last two hours. Now she is sitting in time out pouting and complaining about no one liking her.

Actually the only two people who are getting along are 'Cole and Daisy. I'm so shocked. 'Cole actually polished Daisy's toenails and played a game with her. Now they are quietly drawing together. I can't ever remember a time when they've acted sisterly toward each other.

We went to the store one day last week and 'Cole was actually walking with her arm around Daisy's shoulder. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

The weather is supposed to be a little bit better tomorrow, so hopefully we will get out and see a movie.

This mom has an idea called Secret Sibling where each kid has to draw names and is responsible for being/doing something kind for their chosen person. I love this idea and can't wait to give it a try. Hopefully it leads to a little more good cheer and a little less sibling craziness.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Things Kids Say

Pinky was eating breakfast this moring and the sunlight was beaming in through the window blinds. She said "Mommy, could you please turn off the blinds ."

Friday, February 8, 2008


I had my doubts about the school year in regards to Pickles. In the five years he's been my son he has never passed a math class. I've always believed he had he ability, but not the maturity level.
The report cards came out and he has a C.
I'm so proud. He still plays around a little too much, but he starting to retain some of the information.

His reading/language arts teacher is great,too. We communicate by e-mail and it has immediate results in her class. All she has to do is ask him if she needs to e-mail his mom and he straightens right up.

I'm so happy to see him have some success. Hopefully it will change the way he feels about school and improve his self-esteem.

Oh My Goodness...

I recieved a suprise phone call earlier this week from the elementary school. It seems Pinky (who normally doesn't get in trouble) wrote an obscene question to a boy in art class. She was lucky she didn't get suspended.

I was even more surprised when I learned what the boy wrote back to her.

We sat down together and I let her know her punishment, and I explained how serious the situation was.

I don't even know what would make her ask such a question.

I'm still stunned.