Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grocery Day

Today was our weekly grocery shopping day, so I spent the day shopping with Pinky and Daisy.
First off let me say.... I love my daughters. I really, really do. But I hate shopping with them.

For my daughters the grocery store is like... Disneyworld.

It is a huge place full of interesting sights and sounds and people. To them it is almost as fun as Chuck E. Cheese. They could easily spend HOURS just poking the meat in the Meat Department.
I spent the entire trip saying:
"Please quit poking the meat."
"If you touch that again I'm going to make you buy it."
" Could you come back over here...please."
" We do not swing our sisters around in the store."
"You only have $ you cannot buy a $20 toy."
"If you keep playing in the store you are going to get hurt."

Five seconds after I said that last thing, I heard a BLAM from behind me. I look back briefly, Pinky is sprawled in the middle of the aisle.

I simply turned around and kept walking.

I'm a sympathetic parent...really I am. But after you've been told to STOP IT... well Mommy just isn't in the mood to kiss your boo boo.

So Pinky finished the shopping trip holding her hand in the air like a flag. (She had just the smallest scratch on it.)
Daisy had a piece of wisdom for Pinky after the incident. She told her
"Well, Mommy did tell you to stop."
Sometimes in order to learn something you have to learn it the hard way.

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